April 26th, 2024

Boris Mann 27th April 2024 at 8:47pm

Long day driving from Vancouver to Lincoln City.

Left home at 9am

Right after crossing the border, went into Blaine and filled up on gas and snacks.

Aimed for Snappy Dragon for lunch. Turns out they no longer do sit down dining. We ordered take out and then went for a walk while waiting for it to be prepared. Then we drove over and had our lunch on a bench in the sun at Maple Leaf Reservoir Park.

Left around 1pm to drive to Olympia. We got groceries at Trader Joes.

Onwards along the 101 to Lincoln City. Google Maps really wanted us to take the faster route along the I-5

We stopped for gas at the Shell in Raymond and got some more drinks.

Got in to our condo at the edge of Lincoln City at around 8:30pm.