August 23rd, 2023

Boris Mann 24th August 2023 at 11:27pm

It was mega raining this morning! We walked over to K’s place after an early lunch when it was just drizzling but it started mega raining so we sheltered under a tree and Rachael’s umbrella for 10 minutes until it stopped.

Drove down to the market

Got some Canadian cheeses from Smith Cheeses plus a pain au chocolat and French cheesecake from the pastry place.

Walked around downtown London.

Art books store. Jonathan Snell ceramics.

Drove to Kellogg Lane and the Art Comp show there.

Napped and collapsed in the evening. The week continued to feel rough.

I ordered some take out from Pho Lee, which is a Vietnamese Thai place. Got a comfort pho and wonton soup for Rachael. I combined the pho in a pot, because this Airbnb doesn’t have much in the way of bowls.