August 3rd, 2023

Boris Mann 4th August 2023 at 5:06am

Afternoon meeting at Andy’s office aka Superflux. I had a Superflux Heavy Fruit that was like a beer smoothie. It tasted good but it was so weird. The carbonation in the beer made bubbles which were so. slow. slowly. pushing through the thick liquid.

Rachael sent me this Scout Magazine article about Mah Milk Bar:

“What’s a ‘Milk Bar’?” you ask. In Australia (where Swinburn is from, and Campbell has worked) it’s a go-to spot for daily basics, synonymous with a corner store. And that’s precisely what Mah Milk Bar hopes to become: somewhere for people to nip in to to grab milk or bread, or the eggs you ran out of halfway through making your breakfast pancakes. But the vision for Mah doesn’t stop at convenience; the deeper motivation here is to create a warm and welcoming space for the local community to congregate.

This is on Victoria where South China Seas used to be.

I wish La Tana by us was this, but it’s a mini gourmet cafe that’s mainly just overflow for Pepinos.

Looking forward to trying it when it opens.