Boris Mann 30th May 2021 at 7:40pm

Thinking of the first time we have heard about Espresso&Tonic, we always end up at Koppi Roasters’s cafe in Helsingborg. The creation of the drink and its growth in popularity was tightly connected to the cafe’s opening in 2007. Anna Lunell, one of the founders of Koppi Roasters, told us about the origins of the drink.

The birthplace of Espresso&Tonic Was it Koppi who invented the Espresso&Tonic, as we have always believed? Over the past years, we have seen many pictures of the drink all over Koppi Roasters’ Instagram feed, so we reached out to Anne Lunell, one of the founders of Koppi Roasters, for an explanation.

Anna clarified the invention of the drink for us: “When we [Charles Nystrand and Anne Lunell] were working in Oslo, 12 years ago, one of our colleagues made a coffee drink the day after a staff party. There was some leftover tonic that he mixed with a little syrup and an espresso – quite refreshing and delicious. So a few months later, when we were opening our coffee bar and roastery in Helsingborg, we refined the idea and put ‘Kaffe&Tonic’ on the menu. This was back in 2007.”