Eater - Cookbook Review: Sean Brock’s Heritage

Boris Mann 6th June 2021 at 10:17pm

STAR RATING: Two stars

SKILL LEVEL: Recipes vary; all skill levels.

WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR: People who love Sean Brock, people who live in Charleston, people who want to tattoo vegetables on their arms, people who are super into heirloom beans.

WHO THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR: People who lose patience with recipes easily, people who can't handle romanticizing foodways, people who are over Southern food, people who would rather just go to Husk and order their cheeseburger.

MORE RECIPES TO TRY: Green Garlic Bisque (page 32), Creamed Corn (49), Wild Ramp and Crab-Stuffed Hush Puppies (78), Fried Chicken and Gravy (101), Herb-Marinated Hanger Steak with Vidalia Onion Gratin and Steak Sauce (135), Seed-Crusted Snapper with Roasted Okra, Tomato Dashi and Benne (200), Pickled Peaches (213), Butter Bean Chowchow (227), Pimento Cheese (248), all of the cocktails (261 to 273), Apple-Sorghum Stack Cake (284), Hillbilly Black Walnut Fudge (305).