Lingcod in Coconut Broth with Flat Noodles

Boris Mann 9th January 2023 at 5:06am

Sautéed sliced onion, sliced knob of ginger, and a clove of garlic in some sesame and grapeseed oil.

Added 2 cups of water and a can of coconut milk. Add stems of some Thai basil and cilantro stems. Added some salt and pepper. Added 8 frozen shrimp tails with shell on. Peeled 2 carrots and finely sliced.

Added more water and let simmer for an hour or so. Fished out the stems.

Added Red Boat Fish Sauce and some rice vinegar. Added the roughly chopped leaves from Thai basil bunch. Added half a dozen dried lime leaves.

Halved a fresh jalapeño and seeded it, and thinly sliced the half jalapeño and put them in the broth.

The lingcod was partially defrosted. I placed it in the broth and kept it just below a simmer until the fish was tender.

Separately, boiled the fresh Sungiven flat noodles in water.

Put noodles in a bowl, added broth. Took the fish out and flaked it apart and put it on top of the noodles and broth.

I’m very happy with how this dish turned out. Presentation wise, I should have kept back some Thai basil or maybe drizzled a little sesame chili oil on top of the fish at the end — everything was quite pale.

The lime leaves made all the difference in rounding out the tangy flavour I wanted with the softness of the coconut milk.