May 22nd, 2023

Boris Mann 24th May 2023 at 4:18am

I ordered a couple of things to try from last week’s Fresh Prep delivery. The Acorn Acorn Belgian Waffles and Nelson the Seagull Nelson the Seagull Par-baked Sourdough.

The waffles were gluten-free and vegan and really I should learn my lesson that I like the full fat and flour version.

Oh right! And we tried President’s Choice Cultured Oat Yogurt Alternative Yuzu Citrus Flavour. Also bad. We got suckered by yuzu, which is a flavour we love.

For lunch we tried Vennie’s Sub Shop for the first time. I got a hot 6” Deluxe Pizza Sub - Double stacked Roni Sheets, Double Mozza, Slivered Onion, Pickled Green Peppers, Herb Seasoning, Turbo Tomato sauce.

She peeled off several layers of pepperoni because it was too much.

I got a 12” Aftermath - Smoked Beef, Shredduce, Slivered Onion, Swiss Cheese, Herb Seasoning, Horseradish Mayo, Beer Mustard, Dill Pickles.

The beef was basically roast beef, I was sort of expecting something different. Too much bread, low on pickles, not enough horseradish.

I’ll go back and try some of the other ones.

I also took a picture of the sign in the mini strip mall on Venables at Commercial. From the top: food stop 24 hours, Deserts - Vancouver’s Falafel Oasis (now DL Chicken for like 4 years+), Venables Coin Op Laundry, Bocadillo, Vape Horizon.

Only the Food Stop is still there. And they’re on my do not shop list for over a decade.