November 11th, 2023

Boris Mann 12th November 2023 at 3:35am

Today was a travel day, Vancouver to Montreal to Istanbul. Will be in Istanbul until November 21st, 2023 for Devconnect.

Layover in Montreal I had a poutine with smoked meat. I wasn’t expecting the chopped pickles and mustard. All in all it was tasty, but they really needed to put it in the oven to get the cheese curds to melt.

Food on the plane with Turkish Airlines was pretty good! Fresh baked rolls handed out.

I’m staying at Artisan Istanbul MGallery Hotel.

For dinner, went to the hotel restaurant Madam Nica which has an amazing view over the Bosphorus. Tonight, it was a massive rain and lightning storm, with lightning flashes every couple of minutes.

We got a selection of hot and cold appetizers. Cheese plate, tomato salad, deep fried eggplant, confit artichoke salad, pickle plate (with we think pickled green cherries) and I tried their signature cocktail, which I think had sour cherry juice in it.