October 10th, 2023

Boris Mann 11th October 2023 at 7:21am

Met up with Matt and Rob from my Ottawa days.

Talked about tepache. And cardamom.

Went to Luppolo Brewing. Had “roulette peppers” aka shisito pepper, pickled veggies, and the meat & cheese foccacia spread.

Tried to go to Strange Fellows but it was unexpectedly closed tonight!

Went to Superflux. I had Superflux Teddy Bear’s Picnic which was like Superflux Heavy Fruit but peanut butter.

Decided to go to Blnd Tger for the experience. And then to Bagheera because why not two speakeasy’s in a row.

Noodles at Blnd Tger were a hit. Rob tried two kinds of baiju.

Bartender at Bagheera was awesome. Rob says remind him of Aloo Pakora (paneer and potato deep fried with tamarind chutney).

Had some clarified Jaegermeister from the bartender as tasters with the final bill.