October 27th, 2023

Boris Mann 28th October 2023 at 3:22pm

Worked from Timbertrain Depot for the morning. They now have Korean hotteok as one of their pastries:


sometimes called hoeddeok, is a type of filled pancake known as a popular street food in South Korea. It originates in China and was first brought into Korea during the 19th century.

The hotteok is derived from the tang bing (meaning "sweet pancake" in Chinese). In the 1920s, many Chinese merchants settled in Korea and sold these tang bing. The Koreans called it "hotteok" which means "barbarian's rice cake". As Korea was under Japanese rule, the Japanese called it "shina pan" (Japanese: 支那パン) meaning "Chinese bread".

Lunch at Superflux, Hot Dog and a Candyland beer. Tried another Teddy Bear beer but it wasn’t pouring well.