September 8th, 2023

Boris Mann 9th September 2023 at 6:35am

Made some pulled pork today. It was $1.72/lb at superstore. $15 for about 9 lbs of pork!

And now I have little ziploc bags in the freezer that future me will thank me for.

Hacked it apart into two big pieces without a bone, and the bone and some more that wouldn’t fit in the roasting pan set aside.

My “usual” dry rub - mustard powder, paprika, ground fresh cumin from the mortar & pestle, onion powder, coarse salt, a little bit of cane sugar, a little bit of cayenne. Cut slices into the skin and fat cap. Worked the dry rub into the meat all over, put in a roasting pan with aluminum foil on the bottom.

Cooked for 6 hours at 300F. About halfway, scooped out lots of the rendered fat and turned it over.

Separately cooked the bone and remaining pork in a cast iron pan with red onions and carrots with just salt and pepper. Finished by broiling. Served with potatoes and sautéed zucchini.