The Pie Shoppe

Boris Mann 10th July 2022 at 1:05am

The About page is great, I'll quote the 2022 entry:

Not sure if you have ever done the exact same thing for 10 years—- but just so you know, it’s damn hard. To stay focused. To be the best at something, and to not stray from your truth. To honour the ingredients. To not sell out—meaning no cutting costs, no franchises, no hiring immigrants at lowered wages, and not selling the biz period. Chefs tend to move around a lot from kitchens to cuisines or even towns. For us sisters, we had momentum, responsibilities, bills to pay and had fallen in love. Vancouver had been our town for almost 16 years, and we couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. We were thriving in a community we loved so dearly.

This brings us almost up to date…. minus a few details, including a fire and flood heavily supported by a community crowd sourcing campaign, where we completely rebuilt the shop in just over a month.

In 2020, with an unfathomable number of pies selling out the door, regularly held workshops, events, long table dinners and guest chef invitation to places such as India and Japan, and a few book cameos, we started planning for our next undertaking—a pizza pie shoppe, focused on natural wine from small producers found in our region and seasonal pizza. Not too much different from the ethos of how we’d source our ingredients to make our OG pies.

That winter, we decide to strategically take a two month sabbatical (kind of), traveling to over eleven different countries, visiting with friends and family everywhere we went. All the while, our shop had been under renovations with an installation of a new accessible bathroom, permits for a restaurant and processing of a liquor license. How clever we thought we were. TWO WEEKS in—- it was a successful go . New staff hires, fancy lighting, fresh dining tables—- PIZZA PIE WINE COFFEE. It was all too surreal.

AND THEN THE “CORONA” COVID 19 VIRUS A FUCKING GLOBAL PANDEMIC HITS…. we dove deep into survival mode. Installed a garage door and sold the OG pies out the front door for the next two years.

FAST FORWARD…. (after literally throwing every stupid idea we had at the wall)

SPRING 2022—It’s May and we’ve had one week on the books….feeling good… HEY Come down and see how it’s all going…. would love to see your face.