January 20th, 2024

Boris Mann 21st January 2024 at 5:04am

I put on a No-Knead Bread Recipe last night and it’s risen massively this morning. I put it in the fridge because we were going out.

Also worked on How to Revive Dried Sourdough Starter. Pretty much didn’t measure or follow directions at all 😅

I really do need to get a new battery for my digital kitchen scale.

We had lunch in North Vancouver at Alloz Grill, a Filipino restaurant:

I had garlic rice and two sides: beef stew and a sour tamarind pork soup aka Sinigang na Baboy. Both were excellent. The server saw me enjoying the soup and gave me an extra cup of broth. Tangy and salty and pork-y, very nice.

Rachael had Longsilog — all day breakfast with longganisa sausages.

We got a leche flan dessert to take home that was tasty this evening.

I continued the no knead after dinner.