May 19th, 2023

Boris Mann 20th May 2023 at 6:39am

Had breakfast up in Kate’s apartment that we’re staying in and had a few morning calls before starting the long weekend.

Made The Pie Shoppe mushroom & bacon quiche for lunch, and had a Phillips Space Goat Juicy IPA that’s been sitting around the house for a while. A little too heavy and sweet for me, but the can art is amazing.

For dinner, hanger steak with chimichurri, a watermelon salad, corn, and some pan veggies.

Hanger steak isn’t that cheap anymore but my mom got a deal of $10/lb at Whole Foods.

I marinated the hanger steak in olive oil, black pepper, and several cloves of crushed garlic.

I cooked it in a cast iron pan in some oil 2 minutes per side and then seared the sides. I added a knob of butter and basted for a bit. I took it out and rested it for 5 minutes.

The two steaks were pretty thick and my parents don’t like their meat that rare so I seared half the cut pieces and put the cut steak back in for 5 minutes.

While the second steak was resting I added bok choy, some cabbage, and kale to the steak pan and put it in the oven. Crisped veggies in butter, salt, garlic, and steak juices!

The chimichurri sauce was mostly made up. Olive oil, lots of fresh oregano from the patio garden, minced red onions instead of shallots, white wine vinegar with a splash of red wine, juice from a fresh orange, a little salt, a little maple syrup, and a dollop of sriracha.

“Real” chimichurri green sauce should have cilantro and parsley in it, but my mom has the cilantro tastes bad gene ;)

Watermelon salad I made with feta, chopped pitted black olives, fresh mint leaves, and juice of half a lemon.