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A ShoppingList, Pantry and Freezer tracker.

Many grocery / ingredient / food Items.

Info about Stores and locations.

Recipe List and Cookbook info, and individual items and ingredients. Bookmarks of mostly food related content.

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  • 31st December 2022 Made a fridge list
  • 11th December 2022 Fixed pantry list
  • 8th December 2022 Quine and Working Copy
  • 26th November 2022 twgroceries is dead, long live FoodWiki
  • 25th November 2022 Building a static site
  • 25th November 2022 Made Not Recommended and Recommended Lists
  • 10th July 2022 Installed Spotlight JS and TW Cross Links
  • 14th September 2021 Updated config of auto completion
  • 11th September 2021 Display aliases at top
  • 11th September 2021 Created Recent Images
  • 11th September 2021 Details element to collapse Stores
  • 30th May 2021 Adding a Journals page
  • 12th August 2021 Added Saq File Uploads Plugin and Fission Loader
  • 6th September 2021 Latest version of the file uploads plugin
  • 29th August 2021 Created a backlinks footer and Image List
  • 24th August 2021 Imported Discourse with JsonMangler
  • 6th June 2021 Cookbook listing with Library tag
  • 2nd June 2021 Made a liquor cabinet
  • 18th April 2021 Couch Edits, Famous Foods Shop
  • 12th April 2021 Notebook theme
  • 11th April 2021 Recipes for chicken pho
  • 1st April 2021 Locations added and more content
  • 28th March 2021 Tiddly Groceries and initial setup
  • To Do

  • Add recipe listings to Cookbook entries
  • Brand Product Listing Template
  • Brazilian Foods from the Fission Discord
  • Create Location within listings
  • Investigate adding feeds
  • Lanzhou Noodles Ramen
  • Make a types list format
  • Need a replacement backlinks plugin that works with static site builds
  • Product Listing Brand Link Template
  • Recipe Ideas
  • Split Recommended List into Types
  • Upgrade this wiki to the newest version
  • Wikipedia footer template
  • Wine box June 2021
  • Done

  • Display aliases at top
  • Import Allthebestrecipes
  • Run AllTheBestRecipes import again, post in TW forum
  • Style transcluded items